Discover endless bargains on used cars at Mountain West Auto Group


Drivers on tight budgets don't need to stress when they're looking for their next car. At Mountain West Auto, we offer a wide range of used cars, trucks and SUVs, many of which are featured at bargain price points.

Some drivers from Spark, Reno and Sun Valley might wonder what the difference is between our general used car inventory and our bargain inventory. Our bargain inventory is a collection of dependable used cars - all priced under $20K.

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Buying a Used Car has Cost-Saving Advantages

Is it time for you to replace the car you are currently driving? You may be wondering whether to buy a new car or a used car. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Buying a used car is a great way to save money. Yet, you need to know what type of car you want. You may already be knowledgeable about cars and know what questions to ask. This knowledge can make purchasing a used car easy.

There are several reasons why many people in South Lake Tahoe, CA, drive used cars. Here are a few of those reasons…

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Understanding Preowned Vehicle Financing

Did you know it's easier to finance a brand-new vehicle in Carson City- with a higher sticker price - than it is to finance a used car? How can that be? A lot of this lies in the pricing of the car. It is easier for a lender to determine the value of the new car financed because it is fixed. With a used car, the price of the vehicle can go up or down during the negotiation process. Another issue with preowned cars is a historically higher interest rate on a preowned vehicle. However, these are just a couple…

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Mastering the Used Car Test Drive

Not every driver understands how their car works. There are thousands of moving parts that allow it to run and perform well. So, if you are like most shoppers, you might not know what to look for on your Reno test drive. Don't worry, you're not alone, and we're here to help at Mountain West Auto. To better help our customers navigate the used car market in the Carson City area, we compiled a few things to consider while on your test drive.

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With a Lease or a Loan, Financing Is Easy With Mountain West Auto

If you want a new car in Reno, you might be wondering whether you should lease or buy. All financing options come with numerous benefits, but the best option for you will depend on your personal situation, including your preferences, how long you want the vehicle, and your budget. At Mountain West Auto in the South Lake area, we provide shoppers with a comprehensive lineup of different vehicle models. We also have reliable and experienced finance experts who can help Sparks area shoppers pick their ideal payment option.

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Buying Used vs. Buying New

Why Buying Used is Better for Drivers in Reno, NV

Buying a car can be challenging. Whether you're in the market to buy something new or used, the experts at Mountain West Auto are here to help you make the right financing decision. If you're shopping on a budget, we recommend buying used as it helps you save money and eliminates stress during checkout. Unlike buying new, buying used costs you less money upfront and doesn’t depreciate in value the second you drive it off our lot in Reno, NV.


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